Day #109


I was watching YouTube today (big surprise) and on the channel Threadbanger they have Man vs Pin, where the guy tries out things from pinterest to test their validity. In the video he was trying out nail polish wire flowers and failed hard. He eventually got tacky glue and covered it with that first but it really isn’t necessary. I deduced that his petals were too wide- the smaller the space the easier and he was trying to paint it on like an invisible petal was there. The idea is to form a surface exactly as though you were making a bubble. You need a lot of polish on the brush, so its nearly dripping, and slide it sideways along the section. Once the polish makes a surface, you’ll be able to see any thin spots. You need to rotate the flower to even out the polish or it will pop. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it, doesn’t take long and they look so pretty (the pic does no justice.)
Before adding the polish, you need to make the flower, just get some thin, flexible wire and twist petals, a stem and maybe a leaf or two. There are tutorials on this on the net but I just played around until I liked the look.
I used a polystyrene block to stick my flowers in as they dried. It’s quick drying but I think if you laid them down, all the polish would end up in one direction.

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