Day #108


Playing around after finishing an assignment. It’s nice to not have guilt that you should be doing something else while crafting. Mind you my house is a mess and I need to sort out my craft room, but other than that guilt free until tomorrow when I start my next assignment.
I brought some coloured card yesterday in pastel colours to make card bases, as well as other projects, so I cut and folded each colour into cards. I decided as I was doing this that I didn’t like the look. It was very primary school. But I still went ahead and tried some techniques. In the end I didn’t mind the green butterfly one. Something isn’t right with the valentine’s one. I stamped the edge border but missed too much of the bottom and there’s a space just under the sentiment that bothers me. I put the red bow hoping it would draw your attention upwards but I still think it’s noticable.
I have so much trouble making cards if I don’t know who they’re for, or making them to think about selling. Perhaps I should get stock images of random people and make up stories. Like ” this is Margery. She’s turning 85. She likes flowers, tea parties and heavy metal.” It might help. You never know what people want to buy. Maybe pick a random theme, colour and occasion and make it work.
Even if I don’t like the cards I make, I still learnt from them and can use and build on those skills. It’s all creativity to me.

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