Day #106


Night owling again. Playing with some tiny gold brads and sequins. I suppose these could be useful for adding shinies to cards. They were just fun and easy to make, I don’t really have plans for them. I ran out of the flower sequins, which I tend to use the most of, but I can’t remember where I bought them. I’ll keep an eye out I suppose.
To make these, get a bunch of mini brads and layer anything with a hole. I only had gold, so my combinations were slightly limited, but pink, blue, red, dark purple and green works well.
Still coiling some paper occasionally. The ones above were crimped using a corrugator, which is fun to use. It seems to make the quilling look more like flowers or basketweave, I think.
I like how changing one thing, whether its the texture or the width of the paper, can create a great deal more possibilities and combinations. It’s like that with most crafts. We’re given the tools, it’s the combination of how we put it together that makes it unique.

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