Day #104


Fanart- my drawing, not my character. Toshiro Hitsugaya from the anime Bleach.
Now that’s cleared up, I went shopping today! I was in town and picked some supplies up and had lunch with my partner.
At the craft store I got some cheap Christmas scrapbook paper that matched some stamps I already have, some new quilling paper and some Amy Tangerine stamps. One of the stamps says “all you need is love &” so I wrote kittens and oxygen on the test stamping.
At the art store I was struggling not to buy copics. It will be so much better to wait and buy them bulk. But I’m not good at waiting.
Instead, I bought two prismacolour pencils, some artist trading cards, and a nice grey toned small sketchbook. I love working on mid-tone paper, and the prismacolours work beautifully on the paper.
I realised while drawing this evening how much more I like drawing on paper over using my tablet with the computer. I’m attempting to complete a picture for a competition that needs to be digital, but I’ve lost interest, although I’ve only got a couple of days to submit it. I’ll try and get it done. I’m not really there to win, just to have a goal to focus on.


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