Day #102


Quilling and bottle caps combined! Yay!
I know the photos I put up aren’t great as they are taken on my phone at night, since I mainly blog on my phone in bed. This is the easiest way for me, and I know that if I do it all properly and get my camera and daylight and upload on my computer it’ll all look nicer, but I’m not as likely to post then. Besides, blurry or small images boost your imaginative skills. So I’m teaching you… in a way 😛
So, I was watching the frugal crafter on YouTube today, looking up quilling. It happened that she had made bottle cap pendants with quilling in them. As this was what I was working on, most of the supplies were in reach, so I got to working. It was actually quite fun. I might cover some with the clear embossing powder, especially the cool looking large circle ones.
I got my hot glue gun out also. I rarely get this out, mainly because I’m scared of getting burnt, even though it’s a low temp one. I was burned by one in primary school quite badly and took me a while to even get one. No matter how handy they are.
I was playing around with filling silicone moulds with hot glue. I think a hightemp one would have given nicer results, but it was an experiment and it worked ok. I tried some with pva, which will take a lot longer to dry, so I’ll find out in a few days.

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