Day #98


I’ve been a busy Miss Lizzy today.
For weeks I’ve been brewing on the idea of these pendants and have been looking at videos and tutorials and developed a rather professional looking thing 🙂
The first problem I had was that I didn’t realise that unused bottle caps are curved out, making them easier to flatten. I was using old bottlecaps and they didn’t act the same.
I tried adding glitter glue and rhinestones on the images, below the clear embossing powder I used, but the rhinestones melted and the glue from the glitter was sizzling from the heat to melt the powder, so I didn’t try any more of that.
To attach the pendant to jewelry, it was supposed to be easy to punch a hole with a nail, but I couldn’t get that to work for me, so I’ll either sandwich something between two of them, use them as badges and card decorations or find another way to make holes. Maybe I should ask someone stronger and less afraid of hammers…


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