Day #93


Yay, shopping!
Gosh, I’m tired.
Ok, started buying wool for my Dr Who scarf, three out of seven colours.
I brought a container of clear embossing powder. I wanted to try using the powder like resin over images in bezels. I couldn’t find any bezels in the shops, so I’ll try it on bottle caps.
You can never have too many googly eyes and the only ones I had were tiny or neon coloured.
Sales table had some Amy Tangerine stamps, which I especially like the sarcastic sounding “oh… how lovely…”
Also quite cheap, were the bead packets. I should do some beading. Between all my other projects :/
The book I got, Creative Lettering, was on a library sale table. It has some good how to’s and layout suggestions that will help with some projects that I have floating around my head.
I also got some gaming magazines to make geeky pendants from.
So apart from being heavy, for me, I got some nice things to play with. Now I just have to find some time.


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