Day #90


Its a ball! Its supposed to be a head, but at least I finally managed to make a nice round shape. Shows what happens when I follow a pattern!
I found this awesomely cute wool (I’m a sucker for variegated wool) and needed to make something with it. I started a scarf, but got bored quickly so its a bookmark or something…I put if on my cat as a saddle. She was not as amused as I was.
So I began an arigurumi- cute crochet creature. I did put the face on but it looks a bit weird. I’ve never been good at satin stitching noses, and it doesn’t look very happy. I might have to make the rest before it looks adorable. Even adding some ears may help. I’m not great at crochet, I much prefer knitting, but it’s harder on my hands. 😦
At least it’ll be winter soon, so I can get out my blanket projects to work on :D.

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