Day #83


Despite getting a fair bit done today, shopping and homework, this was all the completed art I did. Basically messing around with pens and paper. It started by looking for a hexagon paper punch online, then remembered how many people sell punched out bits of paper. So I decided to punch out bits of paper… mainly to see how much effort and paper went into it, to see if I could add it to my craft stall ideas. Some punches were easier on the hands than others. As usual I began experimenting. I punched cirles then smaller shapes inside. Then realised its much easier to punch the small one first, then the circle. Then I punched from catalogues.  Then I made a tiny rose out of the catalogue. Then I made a tiny rose out of purple. Then after a while I noticed my fashiony sketchbook and kind of drew a dress I saw using scumbling as the pattern. I photographed it then began blogging about it. Then here we are… never did find that hexagon punch at a good price.


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