Day #79


Another cat toy with the same tools as yesterday! This one was based off a bookmark pattern my mum taught me.
It’s a worm.
Usually they would have googly eyes, but not for the cat toy.
I went to a craft market today which apparently happens regularly across the road from where we moved to- how awesome is that?!
I took my boyfriend along, and he knows I’m shy about talking to people, or buying things, so he was pushing me to buying some things, so I brought a knitted teddy, which the funds went to charity for muscular dystrophy, a pencil sharpener, a sewing kit and a glue pen. He also asked on my behalf about setting up a stall :/
I’ve been meaning to make things to sell for a while now, and keep making excuses. Also, if you’ve been following me, I have a different interest every day, and get bored if I have to make more than one. Probably why I’ve never knitted a jumper- it’d look weird with one sleeve and no back 😛
I thought I could base my stall on small items, or one of a kind. Maybe even the same things decorated completely different.
A few of my friends also said they’d wear shirts with my art on it. So many possibilities, so little time. Well, enough time, managed poorly.

First step would be to start on my craft room :D… tomorrow…maybe.

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