How to #2


How to Stipple!

Yay, Dots! Stippling is a great shading technique used in illustrations and is very versatile. Of course you could close your eyes and dab at paper with a pen…


But I’m not really fond of that look. Stippling can be rather relaxing and my mind switches to auto pilot which is quite nice. So, to begin, you’re going to need a felt tip pen or marker. Doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but ball point pens have to roll against the page to make a mark. Never push hard on the page, that will ruin the tip, and hold the pen upright to the page, to get a rounder dot.


I usually start out by lightly covering the area with spots that needs to be filled. Space the dots fairly even, but spread out. Filling the space in may make the job look smaller. Stippling can be tedious – I recommend having something in the background to keep you entertained.

Second step is to loosely fill in between the dots and begin to increase the density, darkening the area slowly.

Third is much of the same, go back over, weaving between the dots until you get an even spread of stippling. if you unfocus/ squint your eyes, you’ll be able to see any inconsistencies.


You’ll probably get a few liney looking dots. This is just your eye following in the direction. Just add more dots, it’ll break up the line and look less uniform.


Stippling can be used as a gradient for shading. Either gradually spread out the dots, or use different colours as you would when using coloured pencil. Also layering different colour dots can mix colours. Stippling is rarely looked at closely, so remember to stand back occasionally.

Have Fun!


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