Day #78


It’s a……. ball?
My cats really love a ball I made out of felt, so I wanted to make them another one. Everything is hectic from moving house, and I couldn’t get to my felt. I was going to make one out of fabric but it might fray too much. Then I decided to crochet something, since I had access to my wool. Then I couldn’t find my crochet hooks… I found one attached to a project and decided to use that. Next to find a pattern… nahhh.
I knew how to increase and decrease on a very basic level, so I began forming a shape. The cats won’t know what a sphere is.
I got near the end, a good time to stuff… if I knew where my stuffing was stashed. After a bit of consideration, I came up with cutting up sturdy plastic bags and stuffing it. It makes a crinkly noise, so I crudely shut the end and added a tail for added funness.

Hope they like it šŸ˜›

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