Day #77


Woo! I’m here again! My idea books and lists are slowly filling with creatvity that has been suppressed. This is good in a way because I am able to refine ideas instead of getting defeated when I jump in head first without planning. The picture above shows some progression from the paper dress project I have on the back burner. I call it my fashion book-for the fashion unconscious. I have never been anything close to fashion conscious. I don’t wear makeup and believe black is an essential for everything. But occasionally the creative bug leans towards fashion design and illustration.
I thought sometimes I may not want to make a full dress, or I see some clothes to jot down,so I made this book.
I have always been in live with paper dolls, and would always make my oen clothes for them by tracing the outline and designing new outfits (that usually matched my own.) So I made a basic figure and will attach to the spine of the book with string, so that I can trace around her. When I eventually get better at sewing, and more confidence,  I would like to sew my own clothes. This book could also serve useful when I design characters for pictures or games.
If you do this, I find it’s easier to have arms detached from the body, and I made one foot face forward, and one to the side to better show shoes. This would be an awesome project for a creative kid. Just draw or print a body on card, cut out and get your kids to design clothes. Don’t forget to add tabs to the tops of the clothes.


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