Day #73


While packing, I came across this guy. I made him a couple years ago. So cute.

So I’ve been thinking about opportunities and what I should do next. I thought I’d tried everything crafty and arty except mosaics and oils. But then I was thinking about getting something engraved, and thought that would be nice to try, since I’ve practiced calligraphy. So I looked up supplies, cost of tools and metal. Then I looked up YouTube videos. I got three videos in, and I was sick of the grinding noise. So I thought of pyrography. Tools cost about the same, wood is cheaper and more versatile. Less bits of metal to step on and have to chase the kitties away from. As well as no goggles and mask for metal filings.
One problem I can see with it is noone trusts me with hot things, but I can work around that…

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