Day #70


This is my valentine’s contribution to the year.  I quite like it. It didn’t match what’s in my head, but most things don’t.
I would be worried my boyfriend sees it on here before Friday, but I’ve told him countless times to check out my blog and he hasn’t. Reverse psychology I suppose.
We don’t give presents, but I do like making him cards. Since this year I have gotten better at making them, I have to keep trying to top the previous year. For some reason all my embossing power has disappeared, and I wanted to use it for the sentiment. I didn’t have a black ink pad either, so I originally stamped in red, which didn’t match the colours, then outlined it in black. Then tried covering it with a gold pen, but it didn’t work properly, and went brown. So I finally went over it with my gold calligraphy pen, which was too big for the small lines, then outlined again in black pen. It doesn’t look too bad, knowing what it went through. It was kind of a pity I covered all the background page, too, as it was a lovely diamond pattern with shiny parts and hearts where the diamonds met. Also, the card is one where you’re meant to put photos or pictures in, and it folds in three, but I taped it all down and it made a nice border and covered the back of the paper nicely.


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