Day #69


Today I received some good news regarding some small feline creatures, and got inspired to draw this. If you dont know the origin of this meme, please Google “hyperbole and a half” its an excellent blog and needs your attention.
The other day I was looking to buy a piece of jewellery for a friend for her birthday. I’m not always attracted to these shiny stands, as I can usually make jewellery cheaper, would rather spend my money on craft supplies, and  rarely wear jewellery that isnt sentimental. But while looking, I saw a piece that was knitted in a gold material. It felt as soft as thread, but was cold like metal. It was intriguing. I tried knitting with some thin wire. It definitely did not have the same effect.


Looks like a scribble. I thought I might try gold embroidery thread. It may give the right texture and the foil like covering will make it shiny and cool. Hopefully.

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