Day #67


Hey. This is my anxiety. My psychologist said a few weeks back to draw my anxiety, and I finally found a few minutes to get him down. I was going to do a clay version, but that is not very practical in the middle of packing.
You may have noticed he is rather cute, for such a troublesome being, but if you didn’t trust your anxiety, you wouldn’t believe what it says to you. He has bags under his eyes, and who wouldn’t after staying up night after night telling me stories. Reminding me of my fears.
He is furry, like those cacti with fur to camouflage his thorns. His fur is vermillion, a colour I’m not very fond of, and reminds me to be cautious, as red is a warning colour. A little anxiety is good, keeps you safe, but hold on to it too tightly and it will hurt you.
He fits in my hand, not so big that I can’t function, but he likes to sit in my chest and make it tight.
Perhaps you can draw something. Like love or pain. Perhaps it’ll be like being scared of shadows. Once you know what it is, you can understand it just a little bit better.


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