Day #65


Update on 21st card… not sure if I’m happy with it yet. I’ll keep adding bling till it gets better, or is so sparkly it blinds her…
I brought some more book contact and covered some books for someone.


I covered three until I lost patience and started getting air bubbles that I couldn’t be bothered chasing out, so I’ll keep the fourth one and hide it so no one ever finds out I make mistakes. Mwaahahahahahahahaaaaaaa….. hehe.


Working on another card ( too many people were born in this part of the year. We should spread them out.) This is Bee and Puppycat from cartoon hangover on YouTube. Go watch it. I love it, and so does my friend. As of this moment there are two five minute episodes, but there was a massive kickstarter, and they’ll be making more soon. I cannot wait.
You’ll understand the picture more if you watch it… ❤


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