Day #63


Kitty contact! Back to school sales are on, and I found this during my food shopping. The black part is flocked, so it feels nice and velvety. I covered a couple of books. It’s been years since I’ve covered books, so they were a bit crooked, but luckily the design hides any bubbles and only looks wonky on the inside.
I began work on a card for my friends 21st birthday coming up soon. She likes girly things, and also the game the sims. So I drew this (for those of you that don’t know its an iconic part of the game. Green diamonds means your sims are happy, fed, rested and been to the toilet.)

I know its wonky, but it was free hand, and I was always planning to cut it out. I thought pink, green and purple with a neutral of black may be a colour scheme to work with. Maybe even a gate folding card with the edge of the diamond as the opening. I was really at a loss with this one, as I usually get an idea when I start thinking of the person, but I wanted to make the 21st a bit special. I think it needs more thought.

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