Day #61

Ugh. Headaches- the arch nemesis of creativity. I’ll riffle up some old pics to keep you entertained.

I absolutely love this piece above, but I couldn’t finish it for two reasons. One, the colour wasnt staying on the beads. I know they were plastic, but they looked beautiful. I was going to experiment with coating the beads with clear nail polish after its strung but I wasn’t sure it’d keep any flexibility. Secondly, I had to match the gold of the ending to a chain and finding. I kept forgetting to take it and I couldn’t match it. So I kinda gave up. But I would like to recreate, and finish it, one day.

Here’s my girafasaurus. Not quite girrafe, not quite a saurus. It was meant to be a giraffe, but it was a toy for a baby, so she’ll never know. I know the eye bled, but I was paranoid about sewing eyes on. I know you shouldn’t use buttons, and I couldn’t be bothered embroidering them on…

This is a coin purse I made when I realised I had too many coins at the bottom of my handbag. I used it once before I realised I couldn’t be bothered putting change in a purse, and reverted to the loose-change-in-handbag system…

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