Day #60


Just drawin’ today. Long day so kicked back with some drawing. I was playing with a cord that was laying around, and wrapping it around my finger.

I thought it looked rather cool, but had in mind those images that have skulls and girls like a tshirt design or tattoo. I know it didn’t end up anything like that, but I like it. I’m not finished, as I’d like to complete the shading on the cables. The tricky part of this drawing was keeping the thickness the same throughout. Lining up the cable when it goes behind objects needs a good eye, or some erasable guidelines. Another hard part for me was the foreshortened face. It doesn’t look natural and my brain wants to combat the shrunken features.
If you’re drawing something like cables, remember to keep a natural curve. The thinner the cord, the more it can bend, but there’s still a limit. Same goes with hair.

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