Day #57


Today I saw a colouring tutorial on YouTube, and decided I needed to go back to basics. I got out my coloured pencils and my Disney colouring book and tried out this technique. As someone who loves art, colouring isn’t my best skill set. Not that I’m bad in particular. I need some practice. So thats what I did. This pic took a few hours. I didn’t speed through it like I normally do. I added thin layers and built up colours. I blended colours and really looked how I’d make the colour I wanted with the pencils I had, instead of settling with the pure pencil tone. One tip the video had was to use vibrant colours but to barely touch the paper with them, building them up very gently. For the skin colour, was mainly actually a terracotta and crimson lake (I used Derwent Studio pencils in 24 pack.)
This was a good exercise, and might even trust myself to colour in my favourite Princess, Ariel.


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