Day #48


Lots of stuff today. I put some movies on and sat in front of the air conditioner all day. First, I got out my blue tinted liquid graphite. I bought this ages agi and only used it once, so it had congealed slightly, but mixed well with water. I used this on copy paper, so it buckled the page, but was only practice,  so I didn’t mind.

Here was one I did inspired by Mother Gothel from Tangled, which I was watching at the time. I liked the pose,  but the hands look menacing instead of welcoming.

I found this picture that I had drawn the outlines in watercolour pencil, copied from pictures . I practiced colouring with watercolours. This was on actual watercolour paper, so worked better.

This last one was to practice using ink. I used watercolour paper, but the ink bled when I watered it down. Still looks fairly good, I think.


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