Day #44


Didn’t do a lot today. Was far too hot, but the next week looks worse in weather 😦
I tried out some things with my big shot, such as double embossing. So I ran the paper through once and embossed the stars, then I flipped the folder and misaligned the stars to have some protruding and some extruding. Worked pretty well.

I was contemplating how to attach brooch backs to card, and thought glue, no matter how super might not be great when adhering non porous metal, so I decided to try cutting slits in a piece of paper and add it as an additional layer with the brooch back sandwiched in. I’m sure this will hold.

I tried reinking my cheap black ink pad with some drawing ink. It didnt work too well, but the effect it made was an interesting mottled look when I stamped with it. I should probably man up and buy a new one. :/


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