Day #43


Painting, Yay!
All today was thinking about selling crafts. I thought about what to make, how much to make, costs and locations. I even went to the library to look up books, then decided the Internet probably had more information and no due dates.
I even looked up copyright laws on selling items made from a pattern. I found it surprisingly tricky thinking of things I can do that didn’t come from patterns and would be nice to make.
As for costs, my friends priced me between $5 and a $bajillionty per hour… not sure asking them helped.
It looks like I’m interested in making trinkets like brooches and headbands and a lot of small things instead of big scarves and things. This may include scrapbooking embellishments, mini art works, cards, place holders, calligraphy. I should get busy. Stupid life getting in the way of crafting 😦

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