Tip #5


Stamping tips!
When using clear stamps and dont have a stamping block handy, sometimes you can use the lid of the ink pad, or for larger stamps use the clear front off an old cd case. The plastic on this is just flexible enough to push down the centres nicely.

Put craft foam or an old soft mousepad under your stamping. I haven’t done this a lot, but it seems to help, and have seen a few recommendations around for it.

Use baby wipes to clean stamps, but if it needs more of a scrub, use a cheap toothbrush and stamp cleaner, which sometimes comes with stamp sets.

Make your own stamps with fun foam. Cut or die cut a shape and glue to thick card or bottle caps. Use as normal.

Im still figuring out a nice storage solution for my stamps. I’ve seen a few to trial, such as putting them in card sleeves in a binder. Apparently its hard to buy 3 ring binders anymore.


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