Day #38


Today was empty of energy, but I did what I could.
An exercise I use to draw is putting my pictures folder (which are quite large,) on either my phone or computer on a slideshow. With a soft pencil and paper in hand, I draw a snippet of the drawing I see. Setting the slideshow to no more than 5 seconds will allow you to realise the basic shapes, colours or focal point that you first see. I usually fill a page for practice. You want to use a soft pencil 4b or 9b are my favourites. This allows you to not get caught up in details or spend too long on one part.
If you dont have a large collection of images on hand, you can scroll through a page of thumbnails, such as Google images, or pinterest. Just scroll and draw basic things that stand out.

This may not be the best explanation,  but its helpful for when you dont know what to draw and want to avoid copying images in full.

I am wary of copying others images, but if you never use them as your own, it can be a useful learning tool and quite interesting to follow lines that talented artists have created.


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