Day #37


After getting a good nights sleep (thanks to some drowsy antihistamines) I was able to get the energy to sort some crafty bits. Above is three sets of two draws, that I tried to velcro together with hot glue. I didn’t want it to be permanent incase I change later but the hot glue didnt stick too much. But it stays together alright, so I’m not bothered.

Another thing I bought in my storage frenzy was this jewellery hangar, and decided to put my small ribbon offcuts that I use in it. Im not sure where to put it yet, since the door is busy.
In case you didnt notice, I’m organising things by colours. Mainly because I’m the type of person who looks at something and knows what colour I want, even if I dont know what the object will be. If you don’t know what colour you want, you can put colours against the pockets or jars to see how they go.

Here’s one of the five drawer set I was saying about. I have four now. They’re really handy, especially compared to the boxes I have piled behind. The ones I bought yesterday have bigger drawers. All the better to keep bits in, my dear.

Ok. I think its sleepy time. ❤


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