Day #36


So, I went shopping today, on three hours of sleep which was probably not a good idea. Luckily I had enough brain power to decide that glass and I dont go well together, because I’ve seen a lot of nice storage ideas with buttons and bits in glass jars. So I brought $50 worth of plastic containers to carry home in three bags. Lucky it wasnt heavy, since I was already wobbly from the lack of sleep. So now I have containers galore, then went out and bought two five drawer units for more craft sorting. I should be set. Once I have some time and sleep.

I did a couple of run throughs of my big shot. Thought of making the bear into a top folding card. Might need a hat or bow to cover his flat head, though. I also cut two out of felt to make into a doll, except the eyes get cut out of the back of the head. I thought of making a reversible one, like girl on one side and boy on the other, but for now I just glued some felt on there.
I also tried embossing a card front, but discovered a few bits of the white core showed through. I tried covering it with gold, but it was tedious and not a great effect. Then I sanded it back a bit to bring out more of the white, and liked it even more šŸ˜€

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