Day #26



Box making day. I tried a couple of things. I needed a box to fit my Magic the gathering deck into, and boxes are $20 for a basic one. I thought making them would be good and a nice gift to my friends that play.
I tried making a pattern and paper mached with brown paper. But it didn’t have a sturdy enough base.
After looking around on YouTube,  I found this box and changed the measurements.  Unfortunately, the closing mechanism didn’t work on the scale and ripped the corners.

Its pretty, though.

Tip #3


For temporary storage, (or you can cover with contact to extend its life) cut the top off a tissue box, and put a line of tape to keep it together.
I use this for sorting or keepinf things together on the desk. Its a good size, and cheap.
You could even paper mache it for a sturdier box with a personal touch.

Day #25


Not much to report. Attempted some drawing on the train. Since hatching has become natural to me, I was able to turn my brain off, and I came out with this. My old art teacher would kill me for drawing on lined paper, but its in my idea book I always keep with me.

Day #24

(Technically for yesterday, but my phone died before I could take photos)

Here, we have a display of drying beads in a makeshift holder that I made. Debating whether it needs another coat of gloss medium. They aren’t very shiny, but I usually use nail polish. There’s another card I made and the beginnings of a mini card that I got bored and tried to make.

On YouTube, there was a cardmaker that I love to watch, Kristina Werner, and she set this challenge of making something with things that are on your desk area at the time. So I tried, since most of my card making items were downstairs, I did this on my upstairs craft table. Not too bad, although thr only glue I had made it bumpy, and had to use glitter glue in the flower centres instead of gems. Lucky I had heaps of paper and card 🙂
It was a fun experience. You should try it! If nothing else, check out Kristina’s youtube at ‘kwerner designs’

Busy day today. Not sure I’ll have anything to show :/

Day #23


Yay! Stuff done. I got up and exercised,  put on washing, walked to the servo and crafted while listening to music. Much better mood than yesterday. Weird how good days and bad days are as unpredictable as rolling dice. I had this idea for a card with the presents and it worked out ok. Made some paper roses out of Christmas themed paper, but they dont look really Christmassy. I made some paper beads, too. I never know what to make out of them, I just like making them.

Day #22


I call it “quick, I have to do something for my blog but am in a sad mood and don’t feel like doing much”.
Surprised that a lot of the angles worked well. Never been a fan of crazy patchwork looking stuff, but it was worth a try. Maybe could be used as a background. Not sure.

Day #21


Gah. Stressful day. Another appointment, another trip to the craft store…
This time I picked up a value pack which included a small stack of 30x30cm card, rub on alphabet and accents, some nice spring time stickers and a pink chip board alphabet.
If you haven’t noticed yet, I try not to spend a lot on each item and most of the craft stuff I use is either from a cheap shop, or on special. If I do spend more, I look at reusable supplies, such as stamps or punches. With that in mind, I haven’t brought all these brandname stickers with one use before. I find I am liking them a lot, but luckily I am not one for buying fashionable paper and whatnot while its in stock, so it tends to be cheaper. Also, since I don’t know any other papercrafters, I’m sure the card recipient wont care if the colour “pool party” is “in” this year or not.

Day #20


Ugh. Felt awful yesterday, so apart from youtube videos from bed, nothing got done. Today, however, I had an appointment which is conveniently located near my favourite art store. So I brought a thin brush and a water brush (where you can fill with water and paint with it). I also went to the craft store and came out with a corner rounder and the cute Candy Christmas paper that you see above. The trees and Merry Christmases were just cutout from the paper and I went over the white core with matching copic markers. I didnt know what card to put my embossed gingerbread man on, until I saw the paper when I got home. Just gotta figure out a sentiment.

Day #19


Yay! Things.
So today I numbered some pencils, painted some felt flowers and attached foam to wooden cubes as an experimental ink dauber.
I also tried some basic paper tole santa faces and watched crafty youtube videos.
We received our first Christmas card in the mail. Better get cracking.