How to #1

How to needle felt! Kinda.

Step 1: make sure its a day where you have loads you should be doing. I picked a day with at least 4 other things, and Christmas eve is a good one to choose.

Step 2: check your last tetanus date, may need to get it renewed after this.

Step 3: put youtube or something distracting on because poking a needle near your hand thousands of times clearly doesnt need that much attention.

Step 4: gather materials. Preferrably while the tutorial is playing so you miss important steps. Now, I decided on making a cat. Great and detailed for a first time project. Make sure you get the cheapest materials with a limited colour palette. I chose one forcing me to make a blue cat.

Step 5: begin stabbing wool and fingers with a slightly rusty needle, since you bought the cheapest one. Make some shapes of varying density.

Step 6: accept that your fingers will be forever blue due to bad materials,  reminding you that you are a cheap person.

Step 7: Get bored and regret picking something this tricky as I first time project. But continue because the pictures were cute.

Cut ears out of pre bought felt to save some sanity.

Step 8: get angry at poking your fingers so many times- you’re running out of tissue.

Step 9: ok, its starting to look cute. May not be a total failure. Poke yourself a few more times.

Step 10: search for some beads, but not too hard, only until you find something that’ll do, like bicones…

Step 11: and you’re done! He isnt perfect, but I love him.

He’s cute 🙂

Phew. I need a nap after that.

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