Day #24

(Technically for yesterday, but my phone died before I could take photos)

Here, we have a display of drying beads in a makeshift holder that I made. Debating whether it needs another coat of gloss medium. They aren’t very shiny, but I usually use nail polish. There’s another card I made and the beginnings of a mini card that I got bored and tried to make.

On YouTube, there was a cardmaker that I love to watch, Kristina Werner, and she set this challenge of making something with things that are on your desk area at the time. So I tried, since most of my card making items were downstairs, I did this on my upstairs craft table. Not too bad, although thr only glue I had made it bumpy, and had to use glitter glue in the flower centres instead of gems. Lucky I had heaps of paper and card 🙂
It was a fun experience. You should try it! If nothing else, check out Kristina’s youtube at ‘kwerner designs’

Busy day today. Not sure I’ll have anything to show :/


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