Day #3


Busy busy. Spend a couple of hours gathering all my Christmassy craft supplies for the impending card making rush of doom. Wiggled some paper, cut circles with my fiskars “I can’t cut circles” circle cutter. Really thinking about getting a diecut machine. But that involves saving, which I’m not good at.

Day #2


(Excuse bad phone photo, it’s the only way I can post without moving)
So today was shopping day, so haven’t really made anything, just played around with the scissors and embossing thing. This is the stuff I brought to make our Christmas cards with. Went a bit over budget, but I figure most of it it reusable and I’ll have enough left over for next year.
Exhausted from shopping so I’m going to stay home tomorrow which should give me time to make something and do some homework :/

Day #1


Day one consists of a rose. A rather tiny one.
To make this rose I used a technique I learnt off youtube using a flower punch and some paper. The video showed much larger flowers, but I wanted to try this for card making. Although it was fiddly, wasnt nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Not sure it wouldnt be squashed on a card, but I’m sure I can find a use for it.

Welcome, to the domain of creativity.

So, I have a new blog.

This one is dedicated to creativity and the idea of creating something everyday to keep your imagination flowing healthily.

For those who don’t know me, I love art and craft, so hopefully there will be plenty of that here. Some cooking and game making may even turn up occasionally.

I’m a great procrastinator, so this will be a challenge, especially since I seem to have more bad days than good lately.

I thought it would be a good idea to start this now, since I’ve decided for some stupid reason, to make all the Christmas cards this year. I have my Boyfriend as my helper, and a list of about 30 cards to make.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to finish many of my projects, so this may document some of my whacky experiments that I find interesting and if you’re lucky, some of my failures which don’t usually get seen by anyone.

On with the show!